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Welcome to Service Pond!

Help Section

Just a couple of things to keep in mind as you go fishing:


  • Freelancers (Fish) must submit an application to be seen in their respective line of work in the "Pond"
  • Even if the Client (Fisherman) does not see any Freelancer (Fish) that can meet your needs for a specific project, do not hesitate to post what you would like done anyways! "Deep Sea Divers" will work on your behalf to make sure we get someone you can trust and FAST (However, we cannot guarantee)
  • HOW IT WORKS (SUMMARY): Contact each other, Work out the details, Send invoice (potentially just for diagnostic), Start the transaction and setup milestone pay plan in escrow (learn more here), Freelancer completes project, Client follows milestone pay plan, DONE & REPEAT
  • Not all Freelancers are background checked- This is an option that they have on this platform but it is not mandatory. With that being said, when comparing one Freelancer vs another please look for the "Background Check" Badge [Shark Icon on Profile Pic- under "Clientele (Fishermen)"], take this into consideration yourself as well, and do a little of your own research! We are not responsible for any actions on behalf of all Freelacers on this platform. Learn more here (Look under "Hiring & Registration")
  • Like the background check, not all freelancers may be properly licensed and/or insured! So, like the background check, look to see whether or not your requested freelance service requires a license and insurance policy and check with each freelancer! Learn more here (Look under "Hiring & Registration")


  • Payments off the platform are prohibited. Engaging in off-platform payments then means that the project is no longer protected by us- thus making you personally liable for any issues, damages or injuries arising from it. This will also lead to an immediate termination for both accounts- Client and Freelancer.  Learn more here (Look under "Payments on the Platform")
  • Payments can be made in multiple milestones; decided upon an agreed amount between the Client and Freelancer
  • If a payment amount needs to be readjusted, please shoot us an email here with the new agreed upon $ amount including any other information and we will make the change for you
  • There is a service fee of 7% per transaction from the Freelancer as a "thank you" gift for the lead and a 7% quality assurance fee from the client (Currently waiving 6%  of the quality assurance fee on all transactions with Promotion- in effect til further notice!). You got it! A small price to pay + a very small Escrow fee [3.25% (6.3% if using Credit) or $10 for any service less than $300- learn more here] for a problem-solving platform = worth it!
  • If payment is a very large amount and both parties agree to a payment plan, please CONTACT US to advise us of the situation
    • Per payment plan schedule, each payment is to be made through escrow
      • Service Fee will be charged in each transaction which will equal out to the total service fee from overall project price anways
  • Tipping- Service Pond is predominantly cashless, but the exception is tipping. As of now, there is no feature in the app to add a tip, so if you'd like feel free to give your freelancer a cash tip. 
    • Please keep in mind tipping is voluntary- they are not expected nor required. You are not obligated to offer your Freelancer a gratiuity in cash. If you decide you would like to tip your Freelancer, he/she is welcome to accept.


  • If you are looking for a list of FISH in a particular category, look for and click the word "Fish" found in each article - under the quote section, and message him/her with what you have in mind
  • Otherwise, you may "Throw Your Bait" (auction your job off for hire) in whatever category you are seeking service in and the "fish" in that pond will bite your "bait" if they are interested
  • If you "Throw Your Bait" (by posting a request- found in the top right hand side of each service category) please refer to the following criteria to be as specific as possible with what you need:
    • What specific work do you need to have done?
    • Any extra details?
    • What is your budget? (Do you have a fixed price? Is it hourly? Not Sure/Confidential?)
    • Does someone have to travel to you?
    • Do you have a preference in day/time/language/etc.?
    • When is the deadline to apply?
  • The "fish" that bite will message you - feel free to respond, negotiate, or ignore
  • In either case - Pick your "fish", Hire him/her, get serviced/pay via our certified escrow transaction process, and choose to leave a rate/comment
  • Repeat!
  • Finally, feel free to share your experience with a picture and/or video via the "Post" section!

If you would like more information, check out:


Thank you and Happy Fishin'!